A decade ago buying a commodity like food grains or FMCG would happen at a nearby retail outlet when it was in urgency or in small quantities or at a super markets when it was periodically or monthly along with required household goods.

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Then came in all the E-Commerce and E-Groceries like Flipkart, Amazon India and Groffers, BigBasket and so on respectively.  This slowly became a source of convenience and comfort, at the same time with all the payments banks and others who started offering cashback, and goodies led to an era where buying essentials from nearby retail outlets almost started becoming obsolete  or you are not updated. With the influx of smart phones and 4G network things accelerated without a speed breaker.

stock market institute blog

The biggest of the super markets also started feeling the heat so did the e-commerce websites as delivery manpower as well as the source destinations were geographically too far.  This problem is leading to bundling of offerings from Super Markets and E-Commerce Websites which some where started when Walmart wanted to enter India few years back and got a push when they bought over Flipkart few years back.

Today with Jio Mart, Reliance is trying to disrupt the E-Tail markets, which is giving rise to new pairing (not just partnerships) like Future Retail joining hands with Amazon to take care of delivery from the nearest warehouse or a store owned by them, but Jio Mart on the other hand is joining hands with most of the retail stores spread across the length and breadth of the country and is expected to pump in loads of money and make it a new way of shopping for consumers.

At the end of the day its consumer who is king and they would get benefited but the question for which no one has answer is who would survive, the big super markets of Future Group, Walmart or Amazon or Flipkart or Jio Mart and the Local Retailers?

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