I was holidaying in Goa in the 1st week of October 2019. I took my family of 6 to this beautiful place for some fun family time. Indeed, we had a blast. We hired a villa in South Goa which is known for its clean beaches & its serenity. One of the beaches there offered parasailing & before leaving to Goa I had decided that I wanted to parasailing there. It’s not that I was doing it for the first time. I had experienced this adrenaline boosting experience for the first time in Malaysia. I wanted to do it again & may be every time I have an opportunity to do so.

When I first attempted parasailing in Malaysia, there was so much of fear in me & many thoughts came rushing to my mind. I was standing there by the beach seeing many of them going for it, enjoying & landing safely. As I was standing there, I was thinking what if I am the unluckiest one who might just drift away in the sky due to some technical issues, or what if my chute gets punctured & I fall from a great height into the sea or on land. Though the fear was engulfing my mind strongly, a larger force was driving me to DO IT. I faced my fear head on & decided to do it all alone … without a helper (who accompanies you while parasailing).  They instructed me for about 2 mins and let me know how I could land easily on the sand. Then I went up, still with some fear in me.  Once I was in the sky, the beautiful clear sea below me, the beach, the people and landscape from above mesmerized me. But the feeling of accomplishment was greater & NO FEAR. This was the experience of my lifetime. Now, when it was time to land I was told about the process & I don’t know whether I did it right to the T. I landed in the water just a few feet away from the shore.  I got completely wet & my partner was laughing her guts out. It might have been the most embarrassing thing for some but more important was the confidence that I gained through this experience.

Fear exists inside of you & not on the outside. As the great Mike Tyson once said “Fear is like a cotton candy, it melts upon contact”. Well after that experience in Malaysia & my recent one in Goa, I say that “Fear is your Best companion, Embrace it”.

In life, as in trading/investing in the stock market, there are risks you take. Many want to embark on a trading/investing journey, but they don’t because of the fear of losing their capital. Some come to the capital markets with many objectives & their journey stops abruptly because of FEAR. Fear tends to either stop you from excelling or it stops you from starting/moving forward as you over think what is supposed to be a simple process & make it a complicated affair. But, once you have understood the process & learn how to keep it simple, it’s easy.

Trading/Investing needs to be kept simple. It is not at all complicated or a rocket science as many fear. Once you embrace what Trading/Investing is & follow simple processes, you will be on the most memorable journey you have ever experienced.

Now, back to the Goa scenario … After landing, I also wanted my father in law, who is 65 years old, to experience this as I had seen some signs of interest in him as well. I tried persuading him but he just said “It’s ok, maybe next time”. I didn’t stop, I knew that he was interested (he & my dad spent nearly 45 mins watching others parasailing) but it was the fear which was stopping him & may be the same kind of thoughts which I experienced in Malaysia. My persuasion finally worked and I succeeded in getting him into the suit to go parasailing. In Goa, you don’t go alone, there will be another person from the company who will accompany you on this journey. My FIL went & experienced the beauty which I had explained before & he thoroughly thanked me for convincing him to go for it. More importantly what I could see in his face upon landing was the big smile & the confidence he gained through this experience which you cannot explain.

What this person did was simple. He embraced the fear & turned it into his companion. It was not because of me that he went parasailing but because he convinced himself that he could do it.

Embrace FEAR. Make it your ANTHEM!!!!! Start Trading/Investing by learning the process first. It will turn out to be your best companion and you will cherish it throughout your life.

About The Author

Mathew is a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from Karnataka University, Dharwad, India. PGDCM from Stock Market Institute. With 10 years of investing & trading experience in stock market and a certified trainer from Siksha Corporate Consulting Pvt. Ltd. He is a self-made full time stock market trader offering practical & theoretical expertise in Technical Analysis.

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